he climbed into bed and folded himself around her
I'm Mal and I'm funny

"She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life."


i passed this on my bike the other day and it made me feel better and now look here it is again

Downtown L.A.



Taken with my iPhone.

holy shit that’s insane

how beautiful



Sore paws and tired legs. Rocky had to be carried over 3 miles back to the trailhead in Desolation Wilderness, CA

Cutest thing ever

this is my favorite thing ever
My papa is so cute and my sister makes weird faces. We told him to move closer and he moved closer to the phone and instead of my sister and hes so cute I love him so much 
AND this was his first selfie
Someone please tell me where this is because it’s so beautiful and I wanna go there