he climbed into bed and folded himself around her
i'm mal and i laugh at my own jokes all too often

oh god *big sean voice*

if i die i wanna be reincarnated as a fluffly cute dog that is semi-stupid but loves its owner a lot

After reading article upon article and quote upon quote about how to be happy I have come to the conclusion that they are total bullshit.
In one of the articles I read it said that if you smile or pretend to be happy you will be and so I tried. I sat in front of a mirror for five minutes a day for two weeks smiling at myself, pretending to be happy and even though the article said it was “clinically proven” I wasn’t buying it. My five minute a day routine with myself wasn’t successful it made me dislike myself more than I do already. Not only did it not make me a happier person it made me more unhappy. So next time you think about doing something just because it is clinically proven it doesn’t work on everyone. Other articles had things such as stop comparing yourself to others to try new things and others just gave you a list of things to keep your mind off of your unhappiness. From doing research to reading these articles to trying so many things to become happy I wasn’t succeeding. I thought that unhappiness was a permanent thing and I am more than wrong on that. Unhappiness isn’t permanent but here’s a secret happiness isn’t permanent either for most people. So I learned to hold on to the little things that give me bursts of happiness when little kids compliment me or my puppy kisses me hello or when I’m with friends and I laugh until I cry or almost wet my pants. It’s times when I don’t want to get out of bed I remember that there are still more bad jokes to be told and more good hugs to give to people and still so many happy moments to experience even though they are mostly temporary they will be worth it when I have them. So kiss your lover more than once and tell that cashier they have pretty eyes or you like their hair and be kind to strangers because you could be part of their temporary happiness too.


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u gon let me in or nah

Time Square by Arnil


Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

John Mayer

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