he climbed into bed and folded himself around her
I'm Mal and I'm funny

"She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life."


sometimes you see a pun so artfully constructed you just have to stand back in awe.


IM SO critical about my poetry but it makes me feel so nice and confident when others like it 


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1. You will fall fast, you will not see it coming it will happen when you least expect it. It will happen like a head on collision and it may leave you wrecked.
2. You will finally understand love songs and why so many people spend their lives searching for ‘the one’.
3. Latch on to the person you love because you do not know how long it will last. Sometimes years, but others only months or days. Cherish the numbers they do give you.
4. You will begin to think of them at every possible moment, stupid things remind you of them, songs, people, colors, things… everything.
5. You will fall in love with the way they sleep, how they talk, the way they smirk, how they how they sing when they think you are not listening. You will fall in love with the way they love you back.
6. Eventually you will realize how your mother and father love how you can love someone unconditionally no matter their faults.
7. You have three choices, either you live happily ever after, you break their heart, or they break yours. You must not let that scare you.
8. It will end. Most likely tragic and nowhere near tragically beautiful and you must accept that.
9. When it does end you will cry and that is okay. Cry as long as you need
10. When you are ready find another and love twice as hard even though it did not seem to work out with your first love

(m.a.b) // 10 things I wish I would’ve known before I fell in and out of love with someone